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The enchanting tale of Ambre Epices villa in Tulum begins with a captivating journey across the globe, where the creators sought inspiration from the magical ambiance of Moroccan Riads and the beauty of diverse cultures. This exquisite jungle heaven is not just a place to stay; it is a transformative experience that transports you far from the ordinary.

What's a Riad?

Riad in Arabic means “Garden”, and it stands for a house with an open patio with trees in it. You don’t see the beauty of the houses from the outside – you have to step in to the heavenly world full of history, culture and traditions.


Plenty of services to assure your relaxation and comfortability.

Private chef

Our chefs create high quality meals and can adapt to different diets Unlike others, we do not have a pre-made Menu !

Private driver & Shuttle service

Our private driver is available under your request, he can offer his services all around Tulum and in the near areas


We have a professional come to the villa and it takes place inside the rooms

Barman & Mixology

We have a Wine table selection, Bartender or Mixologist available under request to make your experience even better at


Signature Mexican and Moroccan cuisine with a touch of Mediterranean flavors.

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